Mining and Extractives

As one of Australia’s key industries the mining sector is one of Accent’s major clients. We work with mines and mining companies to ensure best environmental practises at all stages of mine life: planning, construction, operation, expansions and variations, decommissioning and rehabilitation. 

Accent has undertaken work with mines in NT, WA, SA, VIC, NSW and QLD and overseas. Our personnel are considered to be environmental experts in the field of mining and have also been engaged by legal firms and government agencies. We aim to ensure a high standard of environmental consideration throughout the mining process.

Some of our recent projects include:

  • Development of a residual risk cost tool for the Queensland resources industry, Queensland Treasury Corporation
  • Preparation an ESIA report for the SLACO bauxite mine in conjunction with ESL, Lao PDR 
  • Development of the Code of Practice for low-risk mines, Earth Resources Regulation, Victoria 
  • Preparation of a financial assurance estimation for ash landfill AGL Loy Yang, Victoria  
  • Development of mine closure and rehabilitation plans and for the Phosphate Hill mine  
  • Assessment of the environmental impact of a heap leach pad at the Phu Bia gold mine, Phu Bia Mining, Lao PDR 
  • Assessment of alternative financial assurance mechanisms for the Hazelwood Mine Fire Board of Inquiry; appearing as Expert Witness, Victoria, Australia

To learn more about our previous work within the mining sector or to find out how we can assist your work please contact us.