The field of environmental assessment and protection is ever changing, with concerns of public and private entities regarding environmental impacts pushing innovative research to improve practises and reduce negative impacts to our environment. Accent strives to keep abreast of these developments as well as to convey the findings of our work to others and as such attend multiple conferences, seminars and round-table discussions throughout the year.

As experienced environmental practitioners our personnel also contribute to the field through presenting at conferences in our areas of expertise. To catch us presenting or attending these events follow our news updates.

Some of our speaker engagements include:

  • IQA 2019 National Conference
  • Guest lecturer at Monash University
  • ALGA EcoForum Sydney

Upcoming conferences:

Accent will be presenting, “A new way for companies to consider post surrender management cost estimation in Queensland” in conjunction with the Department of Environment and Science at the AusIMM – Life of Mine Conference in Brisbane 28th-30th April 2021

News of Accent’s projects and activities can be found at our LinkedIn site: