Our Team

Our Team
Accent Environmental operates by maintaining a core team of specialist personnel, supported as required by other specialists and consultancies.
Our current team includes:

Michael Cramer (Director)

Michael is the founder and Director of Accent Environmental. He has over 20 years of experience consulting to industry and government including project managing environmental impact assessments and preparing management plans for major projects in the mining, oil and gas, industrial, energy, water and waste sectors

Marisa de Stefano-
Senior Environmental Engineer

Marisa is an environmental engineer with over 10 years of professional experience with a focus on waste and water management. Marisa’s key skills lie in the planning and environmental approvals for projects in the supply, treatment and reuse of water and wastewater

Neil Wines-
Principal Environmental Scientist

Neil is an environmental scientist with 20 years of professional experience in the resource development, mining and power sectors. His experience includes five years working as an environmental officer and coordinator on coal projects in NSW

Samara Gomez-
Environmental Engineer

Samara is an Environmental Engineer with 12 years’ professional experience in the environmental management field, in the hydropower, regasification, mining and industrial sectors. She also has extensive experience in undertaking environmental site assessments and scientific analysis.

Ian Finlay-
Principal Environmental Scientist

Ian has over 20 years’ professional experience working in the environmental impact, risk assessment and management fields. Ian’s expertise includes contaminated land and groundwater assessment and management. Additionally, Ian has experience in environmental auditing and due diligence.

Jacqueline Mallinson-
Spatial Analyst

Jacqueline is a Spatial Analyst with experience in conservation science. She has a strong track record in designing, producing and maintaining functional Global Information Systems (GIS) databases in Australia and the USA.