Our Team:

Our Team:

Accent Environmental operates by maintaining a core team of specialist personnel, supported as required by other specialists and consultancies. Our core team currently comprises:

Michael Cramer (Director)

Michael Cramer is the founder and Director of Accent Environmental. He has over 20 years of experience consulting to industry and government including project managing environmental impact assessments and preparing management plans for major projects in the mining, oil and gas, industrial, energy, water and waste sectors. He has worked in temperate and high-rainfall environments in Australia, Asia, Africa and Papua New Guinea.

Michael also has expertise in preparing site rehabilitation and mine closure plans, including the preparation of fully-costed plans, and the preparation and auditing of financial assurance estimates and rehabilitation bonds. Additionally, he has completed over 30 environmental management and compliance audits and due diligence assessments of mining, industrial and other sites.

His experience also includes providing advice on sustainability, resource efficiency, carbon accounting and climate change adaptation.

He has undertaken projects in Australia (all states and territories), New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Ghana, Tanzania, Angola, Mali, Togo and Benin.

His profile can be found at: LinkedIn

Neil Wines (Principal Environmental Scientist)

Neil Wines is an environmental scientist with 20 years of professional experience in the resource development, mining and power sectors. His experience includes five years working as an environmental officer and coordinator on coal projects in NSW.

Neil is an environmental management specialist, experienced at preparing planning and approvals applications, coordinating rehabilitation works and land management activities, conducting fieldwork and sampling programs, and undertaking community consultation.

He has expertise in preparing site rehabilitation and mine closure plans, including strategic planning, assessment of liabilities and risks, financial assurance calculation (by deterministic and probabilistic techniques) and rehabilitation bond policy development.

Neil also has environmental auditing experience including managing, conducting and reviewing compliance audits and audits of Community and Environment Reports.

His profile can be found at: LinkedIn

Ian Finlay (Principal Environmental Scientist)

Ian Finlay has over 20 years’ professional experience working in the  environmental impact, risk assessment and management fields. Ian’s expertise includes contaminated land and groundwater assessment and management. He has undertaken risk management assessments for resource development projects, contaminated site assessments and remediation, and prepared site rehabilitation and closure plans. Ian also has experience in environmental auditing and due diligence.

Ian has managed a wide variety of projects in the mining, energy, petroleum, industrial, transport, education, Defence, and water sectors.

Ian has undertaken projects in Australia, Fiji, Lao PDR and Pakistan.

His profile can be found at: LinkedIn

Fatma Ipek (Senior Environmental Scientist)

Fatma Ipek is an environmental professional with over six years’ experience working in the impact assessment and environmental management fields.

Fatma’s experience includes project managing environmental impact assessments, including scoping and managing multi-disciplinary technical investigations, and reviewing, revising and summarising technical reports. She has prepared environmental and social impact reports for major renewables, mining and transport projects.

She has also gained experience in the preparation of management plans in the water, transport, Defence and power sectors.

Her profile can be found at: LinkedIn

Samara Gomez Lopez (Environmental Engineer)

Samara Gomez Lopez is an Environmental Engineer with 12 years’ professional experience in the environmental management field, in the hydropower, regasification, mining and industrial sectors.

Samara’s key skills include monitoring of environmental management systems and undertaking site environmental management during construction and demolition of large infrastructure projects and industrial facilities.

She also has extensive experience in undertaking environmental site assessments, including soil and groundwater sampling, and undertaking scientific analysis and interpretation.

Samara was also responsible for coordinating and auditing all civil works related to environmental engineering undertaken as part of her role on a large-scale hydropower project in Colombia.

Her profile can be found at: LinkedIn

Marisa De Stefano (Senior Environmental Engineer)

Marisa De Stefano is an environmental engineer with over eight years of professional experience and a focus on waste management and water treatment . Marisa’s key skills lie in the development of planning and environmental approvals for projects in the supply and treatment of water and wastewater and guiding stakeholders through the regulatory process.

Her expertise includes conducting risk assessments and evaluating projects in the water and wastewater management sector. She also has experience in reviewing technical reports and writing EPA Victoria health and environmental management plans and works approvals, Environmental Effects Statements and audit reports for waste, water, transport, energy and Defence related projects.

Marisa has fieldwork experience in proof of performance testing for wastewater treatment processes and infrastructure designs and groundwater quality monitoring for the petroleum industry. She has also completed a Graduate Certificate of Sustainable Energy at RMIT University. From this course, she has obtained the skills to critically assess renewable energy projects, related policy and methodologies, and to conduct energy audits.

Her profile can be found at: LinkedIn

Jacqueline Mallinson (Spatial Analyst)

Jacqueline Mallinson is a Spatial Analyst with experience in conservation science. She has a strong track record in designing, producing and maintaining functional Global Information Systems (GIS) databases in Australia and the USA. Proficient in ArcGIS and QGIS, Jacqueline has the ability to undertake in-depth analysis to solve real world geo-spatial problems and to create professional grade thematic and quantitative maps. Additionally, Jacqueline has a broad range of field experience collecting both spatial and biological data for inclusion in GIS databases.

She has previously been a researcher for the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of threatened species, based in Washington DC.

Her profile can be found at: LinkedIn

Christine Slade (Environmental Scientist)

Christine Slade has recently completed her Masters degree in Environment and Sustainability, and has a background in Environmental Science majoring in Ecology and Conservation Biology. Christine has an interest in landscape ecology and remediation and management, water health and public awareness of environmental issues. She brings her eagerness to continue to learn within the environmental space, through applying knowledge from her studies. She has had experience in the field of basic sampling, as well as in analysis and reporting of data and/or information into a range of formats.

Christine enjoys working on projects that encapsulate science, management and stakeholder engagement, while focusing towards environmental remediation and assisting with solutions to given issues.

Her profile can be found at: LinkedIn

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