Our Services

Our Services

Accent Environmental provides the following services to industry and government:

  • Strategic environmental advice and advocacy
  • Project management
  • Environmental and social impact assessment
  • Environmental management planning
  • Site rehabilitation and closure planning
  • Community and government consultation
  • Ecosystem services assessments
  • Flora and fauna assessments
  • Water quality assessment and management
  • Acid drainage prediction and management
  • Agricultural assessments and soil services
  • Auditing and due diligence

We do this by teaming with other consultancies and individual specialists on a project-by-project basis to bring together the expertise required to meet the client’s needs.

Environmental and social assessment and management

Accent Environmental has extensive experience managing environmental and social impact assessment studies for major resource development projects. Our experience includes:

  • Project management and budget control, including sourcing and managing multi-disciplinary assessment teams
  • Scoping of impact assessments, including preparation of referral and scoping documents as part of government approval processes
  • Developing approvals strategies and advising on regulator requirements (including conformance with International Finance Corporation guidelines and performance standards)
  • Developing and managing government, community and other stakeholder engagement programs
  • Managing and reviewing technical studies including field study programs
  • Undertaking and facilitating risk assessments
  • Working with clients and project engineers to develop pragmatic management and mitigation measures
  • Preparing, authoring and reviewing impact assessment reports and environmental management plans
  • Designing and undertaking baseline monitoring programs
  • Undertaking audits and reviews of environmental management and monitoring programs

Michael Cramer is a Qualified Environmental Social and Health Impact Assessment (ESHIA) Facilitator for Chevron Corporation.

Rehabilitation and closure planning

Accent Environmental also provides specialist services in the area of site rehabilitation and closure planning, particularly for mining projects. Our services include:

  • Providing strategic advice to industry and government
  • Assessing and managing life-of-mine closure risks and liabilities
  • Advising on financial assurance options and instruments
  • Estimating closure costs and cost uncertainties
  • Preparing conceptual and final closure plans
  • Assisting with community and government consultation

We also work closely with other technical specialists to provide advice and services in the following key areas of closure risk:

  • Acid drainage prediction and management
  • Contamination assessment and remediation
  • Cover design and landform evolution
  • Revegetation, land capability, and soil management
  • Hydrogeological assessment and modelling
  • Water quality assessment and management

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